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CVV - Ospitalità, VIaggi e Vacanze


About us

Teloni Travel is a travel agency specialised in travel, holidays and organised hospitality on the national territory with locations at the regional level which are coordinated across a structured commercial network.

Teloni Travel is an entirely new brand which nonetheless represents the values and the culture of a family who, for years, has operated within the tourism sector. We are specialised both in incoming trips (through the management of the charming Villa Teloni, the portal Homelike Villas and the tour operator Villas in Italy, in Italy, and the hotel apartments Toko, now known as Toko Village Casa de Ferias in Brazil) and in outgoing trips (with the tour operator Toko4You). 

Our philosophy remains always the same: selling experiences around Italy and trips abroad which are “a fairytale worth boasting over”. The way we conceptualise holidays is both unique and exclusive, demonstrating an incredible attention to developing a rapport with the client, thanks to our figure of the CVV – Hospitality, Travel and Vacation, your complimentary consultant who will be by your side before, during and after every travel experience.

“Our consultants back themselves, every day. For this reason,  it’s only fair that we, as a business, do so as well.”

Sandro Teloni, Owner and General Manager

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CVV: Hospitality, Travel and Vacation

We make the difference

Only we, absolutely free of charge, put pen to paper and guarantee assistance and safety on the behalf of one of our Consultants – Hospitality, Travel and Vacation. A professional who, before you, tested our hospitality and who, for you, will be able to respond to any of your requests. Our CVV is our real ticket to success, but also our greatest strength. They represent us and it is in them that we place our trust and our business. Their success has always been our success!

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Our offer

Weekly rentals in modern villas, mansions and historical dwellings, but also mountain chalets and unique stays in elite residences; structures selected in the best locations around Italy. They are all offers that are part of a catalogue that every day grows richer with more precious pearls being added to ensure a variety of choices.  We will also be able to help you in choosing your trip, either in Italy or abroad, and will be able to guide you in suggesting routes, itinerary’s and experiences of every kind for you to try out.

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